Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo // Travel and Street Photography

Brazil - FIFA World Cup 2014 

Being a wedding photographer allows me to take off for a new adventure whenever my schedule permits. So when a good friend of mine convinced me to go to Brazil during FIFA World Cup, I had to seize the opportunity for this once in a lifetime trip. I wanted to experience the culture, the people, the food and most of all, the love for the beautiful game (In the midst of football fever, I even painted my face and became Captain Canada for a day!). My adventure was split into two weeks in two cities. The first week was spent in the beautiful Rio De Janeiro and the second was spent in the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo, both with its own charm, beauty and uniqueness waiting to be discovered. Obrigado for the most amazing time Brazil, pictures are not enough to justify this experience of a lifetime. It would not have been possible without all the wonderful people I've met in my journey. Te Amo!


p.s. For those who want to know, all images taken with Sony RX100 mk3 camera. One of the best cameras I've ever used but unfortunately, it wasn't for me.